s t e v e  .  d i e t z
Director of New Media Initiatives
Walker Art Center

Steve Dietz is the founding Director of New Media Initiatives at the Walker Art Center, where he is also responsible for the programming of the online Gallery 9 and co-initiated the Integrated Arts Information Access project (IAIA).

He was formerly the head of publications and new media initiatives at the National Museum of American Art, where he established one of the earliest and most extensive museum Web sites. He co-produced the CD-ROM "National Museum of American Art," which won the first prize in Arts and Culture at the 1997 international MILIA festival.

He is the principal of YProductions, which works with museums to architect digitally-based cultural programming. He is currently on the board of the Museum Computer Network (MCN) and is a past member of the executive committee of the coalition for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information (CIMI) and project coordinator for NMAA's participation in the Museum Educational Site Licensing Project (MESL).

In December, he is curating an exhibition, "Digital Documentary: the need to know and the urge to show," for pArts Photographic Arts Gallery in Minneapolis.